Employee policy

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your career with Divino Business Solutions. We believe in working together as a team and taking actions based on our values i.e., Transparency, Honesty, Equality and Accountability.
You are not driving any social benefits and should be legally entitled to work in Canada. (A copy of work eligibility needs to be provided along with the file application form)


Employees will be assigned to assignments based on their availability which needs to be provided to Divino Business Solutions by Friday of the previous week. If an employee does not reach out to Divino Business Solutions and does not provide the availability of theirselves, they will not be considered as active members of the organization.

Pay stubs and payment

Divino will be paying the wages to employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (as discussed with employee) while holding the pay of the previous week. As per law, a vacation pay of 4% will be paid as per the pay rate.

Assignment work hours

The working time for employees can vary from 3 to more than 8 hours depending on the requirement from the client. Daily limit for maximum hours will not exceed 12 hours. Till 44 hours, employees will be paid 1x their actual pay rate however, above 44 hours, pay rate will be multiplied by 1.5 times.

Notice of absence

An employee needs to inform the office 8 hours prior to shift start in order to take a day off.

Personal Protective Equipment

CSA approved safety boots are required to bought by the employee himself/ herself. The shoes must be in good condition i.e., free from any sort of dirt etc.

Incident/Accident Procedure

In case of any accident or emergency, the office must be informed immediately.

Employment and assignment

Working hours will be provided and stoped according to customer requirement and availability.

Workplace Violence and harassment

Workplace violence and harassment is not tolerated. This includes sexual harassment, discrimination, teasing , offensive gestures or language. Any attempt to cause physical injury to anyone at workplace is not acceptable and everyone at workplace must try their best to prevent workplace harassment/ violence. If any act of workplace harassment/ violence is experienced or witnessed, it is your duty to inform the immediate supervisor first and then the office.

Divino Business Solutions considers safety as #1 priority. In order to work at Divino Business Solutions, you are required to read and acknowledge the Employment Standard Act 2000 published by the Ministry of Labor. (A link or a copy of the act can be provided upon employee's request).

You acknowledge with workplace violence and harassment policies of your employer and employer’s client and also you will report any workplace harassment / violence towards you or any coworker.

Refusal to Work as per Occupational Health and Safety Act Section 43 (3).

You understand the Occupational Health and Safety Act Section 43 (3) as mentioned below:
A worker may refuse to work or do particular work where he or she has reason to believe that; any equipment, machine, device or thing the worker is to use or operate is likely to endanger himself, herself or another worker; the physical condition of the workplace or the part thereof in which he or she works or is to work is likely to endanger himself or herself; workplace violence is likely to endanger himself or herself; or any equipment, machine, device or thing he or she is to use or operate or the physical condition of the workplace or the part thereof in which he or she works or is to work is in contravention of this Act or the regulations and such contravention is likely to endanger himself, herself or another worker. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1, s. 43 (3); 2009, c. 23, fs. 4 (2).

Right to refuse work

You can not walk away from the assignment. If case of being unsatisfied, the office needs to be contacted prior to taking any action. Note - If you leave your shift without approval from office, you will not be paid for the day and your employment with Divino Business Solutions might be ceased.

Electronic monitoring policy


This policy's aim is to lay forth rules for the use of electronic monitoring tools within Divino Business Solutions Inc. The purpose of the policy is to guarantee that the use of electronic monitoring is compliant with the protection of individual rights, the general well-being of the workforce, and the safety of the organization's infrastructure and assets.


Electronic monitoring: Using technological, electronic, or digital means to track, observe, or monitor someone’s actions.

Personal information:

Any factual or subjective information about an identifiable individual.


Electronic Monitoring Practices:

Divino Business Solutions Inc. collects information through electronic monitoring for a variety of reasons, including protecting the company’s legal and business interests. The company will electronically monitor the following activities and procedures: Computer activity (all activities manually checked after employee is done with shift) ; Key fobs (for entry); Time tracking (electronic punching and paper-based time tracking); Company Phone/Cellphone; Camera Surveillance; Payments and invoices

Any information collected by electronic monitoring may be used during employee reviews or during the consideration of disciplinary decisions. All the information collected is subject to privacy, confidentiality, and data protection/administrative/virus protection.

To enhance productivity, promote impartiality, safe working practices, safeguard company information, enforce compliance, detect any security risks (including but not limited to harassment and discrimination actions or complaints), and offer special incentives or rewards. To ensure that any data gathered through electronic monitoring is handled appropriately, Divino Business Solutions Inc. will monitor these processes. Computer use can be monitored during working hours as well as after the shift. Certain applications can be tracked at real time.

Divino Business Solutions Inc. provides computer and communication system privileges to selected individuals, systems, and programs must be restricted to on a need to know basis. Senior management will monitor the work on the system by :

Key Fob:

Divino Business Solutions Inc. gives fobs to their managers/ office staff working from the office.
The fobs can be tracked back to who opened the door, by putting up the request to the building authority.
Information on clients giving fobs to employees may be monitored by the clients themselves. Divino Business Solutions Inc. may request the information.

Time Tracking:

Divino Business Solutions Inc. will track time using different methods such as paper or digital. The intent for tracking time is to be in compliance with modern labor requirements for employees.

Result of time tracking:

Provide the right pay for total work hours; Calculate Overtime; Track any medical or non-medical related illness.

Company Phone/Cellphone

Divino Business Solutions Inc. will track its users who are given access to:
Telephone/Mobile apps will monitor messages, store voicemails, and track the number of hours on call, social media apps; Personal cell phones If an employee is not using the company's network, Divino Business Solutions Inc. does not monitor their personal smartphones (WI-FI).

Camera surveillance:

Divino Business Solutions Inc. office is electronically monitored by security cameras. Locations being monitored by Divino Business Solutions Inc.
Main office - #2, 120 Main Steet, Cambridge, ON - N1R 1W1, Canada; Client locations may be monitored, this depends ont he client.
The intent of capturing audio and video of the employees is only for security (this may lead to disciplinary actions) and insurance purposes.

Payments and Invoices:

All payments made for or by the firm will be tracked by Divino Business Solutions Inc. Additionally, any purchases made using business bank cards will have their histories tracked for accounting needs. Monitoring serves many objectives other than only those related to budgeting, forecasting, and security.

Access to Information:

Only specific groups or specific individuals will be given certain access to monitor electronic information (based on their role for Divino Business Solutions Inc.). Senior management holds the right to grant access to Electronically monitored information, including personal information.
Any Government bodies such as police may have the access to this information if they have requested in writing to access the information.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

The company's monitoring is aimed at collecting information related to its business. However, some information collected by electronic monitoring may be considered personal information. When personal information is under Divino Business Solutions Inc. control, it is the responsibility of the company to protect it.

All information collected through electronic monitoring will be securely stored and protected. If any personal information is collected, its use and disclosure will be limited to achieve the stated purpose of its collection. The company will adhere to all privacy and confidentiality legislation that applies to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information obtained by electronic monitoring.

Divino Business Solutions Inc. may request the electronically monitored data from the clients for security purposes (not limited to disciplinary actions), health and safety, and internal investigations.